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This one-day course is an overview of the GD&T concepts in controls necessary for proper layout and applications. The course will cover typical issues that can occur when applying a traditional coordinate system and how Geometric Tolerance can overcome them. You will be introduced to the symbols, terminology and the rules for GD&T based on ASME Y14.5:2009.

Who Should Attend

Recommended for quality and layout personnel and support staff who must communicate with engineering and manufacturing, as well laboratory technicians who must perform gauging to layouts.

Course Outline

  • Apply the principles of GD&T Characteristics to your layout process
  • Demonstrate your understanding of Dimensioning Tolerance principles
  • Reduce the number of errors by developing a system of effective dimensional tolerance
  • Apply the following Controls:
    • Form
    • Orientation
    • Location
    • Runout
    • Profile

Please Note: Attendance to the entire course is required to receive a Certificate of Attendance

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