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The CQI-8 Layered Process Audits Guideline stresses the importance of leadership involvement in an organization’s Layered Process Audit (LPA) activities – and for a good reason: Without specific leadership behaviors and actions, LPAs are usually a waste of time and frustrating to the people involved. However, when Leadership sees the value of LPAs and participates appropriately, the organization can achieve a culture of accountability, process control and continuous improvement. What’s the payoff? A reduction of scrap, rework, customer complaints, warranty and recalls. “Leadership” goes beyond tacit support by Top-Management. Learn how you can leverage your human assets to take your organization to the next level of performance.

Who Should Attend

Plant managers, staff managers and business unit leaders who are unhappy with their existing LPA system functionality and results and those wishing to implement a new LPA system. Headquarters staff who want to assist with improving their operating locations or implement LPA for business processes Individuals involved with planning and implementing LPAs.

Course Outline

  • LPA’s are not traditional audits, they are a management tool to verify compliance to standards
  • The Value of the LPA Management Tool and why it works
  • Top Management’s role in launching LPAs
  • The roles of the various departments in the organization as they relate to LPA
  • Why the LPA process should not be owned by the ‘Quality’ function
  • How to review and continuously improve LPAs
  • How your organization will benefit from the content of CQI-8, 2nd edition


Please Note: Attendance to the entire course is required to receive a Certificate of Attendance.

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