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This five-day course is offered through PSTAP, LLC and is intended to enable participants to apply and interpret the concepts and benefits of problem solving using applied physics to solve any and all manufacturing, part, process, quality and engineering related issues. The chosen team of trainees will work with a PSTAP® Master Trainer on “real-time” issues negatively effecting total cost of poor quality. At the end of the 5 day course, the company will realize a return on their training investment.

Who Should Attend

Personnel from areas of manufacturing and process engineering, product engineering, industrial  engineering, quality engineering, quality management, maintenance and other positions where problem solving skills are required.

Course Outline

  • Pre-training baseline assessments
  • Daily assessments to monitor and track training effectiveness
  • Post training assessments
  • General understanding of how PSTAP® effectively solves problems
  • General understanding of how to apply PSTAP® to any problem negatively effecting cost of poor quality
  • Initiate work on “real-time” issues negatively effecting cost of poor quality
  • Data Analysis & Containment
  • Problem Contrast Logic
  • Project Contrast Logic
  • Root Cause Logic
  • Clue Generation Tools
  • Confirmation Testing
  • PCA, Control & Document Updates
  • Divergent vs Convergent
  • Y to X Logic
  • Logic Trees
  • Understanding the Physics Examples
  • Pareto
  • Mind Logic Example
  • Measureable Customer Response (MCR)
  • Physics or Geometry
  • Identifying Contrast (Example Case Study)

Prerequisites: Pass initial PSTAP® assessment with score of 85% or higher

*This class offered through PSTAP®, LLC.

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