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Existing Business Growth Management Guidance

Global Eagle Company, your go to source for improved synchronization of your company’s financial, operational and sales performance.

Our Experience

  • —Our Sr. Staff is experienced in turnaround efforts in companies from annual revenues from $1M to $10B+
  • —Specialized expertise spanning all organizational functions
  • —Multi-level coverage from C level to management to mfg. floor
  • —Validating accuracy of operational and financial data
  • —Synchronizing operational and financial data to employee accountability and company performance (employee metrics tied to operational and financial dashboards)
  • —Organizational resource leveling for efficient payroll budgeting
  • —Validating and improving marketing, IP and sales strategies
  • —Validating and improving cost of goods and materials / logistics planning
  • —Securing capital to support growth

Engagement Requirements

  • —Confidentiality Agreement Signed and Mutual Concurrence to…
  • —Co-Developed Scope of work, priorities, metrics, deliverables & exit criteria
  • —Proposal Review, Acceptance and Contract Terms and Conditions
  • —Baseline Assessment (Measurable Gap Analysis)
  • —Refine the Scope of Work Priorities, Set Metrics, Deliverables and Timing
  • —Resource Level the Improvement Project to Flow w Current Work Priorities
  • —Define Project Data Collection and Validation Process and Format
  • —Define and Prioritize Project Tasks Tied to Deliverables and Metrics
  • —Defined Resource Assignment, Project Tracking, Reporting Format and Frequency
  • —Assign Project Executive Sponsor w Escalation Process for Red Items and Budgetary Approvals
  • —Facilitate Executive Project Progress Reviews
  • —Project Closeout – Measurement Current State vs Past State & Lessons Learned

Project Improvement Deliverables



Linkage Drivers “Philosophy”



The Change Begins with Effective

Cascading Metrics Communications, Accuracy and Usage Training


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